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D-Groups exist to create space where disciples of Jesus can live life on life, life in community, and life on mission. Our goal is to see people grow healthy relationships with Jesus, each other, and the church using there spiritual gifts to serve others and make disciples. 

If you have any questions about starting or joining a D-Group please contact us.

Bible Academy

*K - 5th grade*

This D-Group focuses on growing in the knowledge of God’s Word through memorization and games.


Meeting times: Wednesday Evenings 7:00pm

Location: Academy Wing 

Leader: Jeanna Porter

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Youth Ministry

*6th-12th Grade*

Middle and High School D-Groups available.

C3youth is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to connect to God, each other, and leaders that love Jesus and want to see students grow. 


Meeting times: Wednesday Evenings at 7:00pm

Location: Youth Wing  

Leaders: Mitch & Kelly Scott

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College Age

Our purpose is for college students to do life together, grow in Christ together, and encourage each other as we live our our faith as students. 

Meeting times: Thursday's at 6:45pm

Location: Sydni's Apartment

Leaders: Sydni Pennington 

Women's Group

Our purpose is to grow as women of faith and to encourage and inspire each other towards living a life that glorifies God. 

Meeting times: Wednesday's at 7:00pm

Location: Varies

Leaders: Eirin Kiser & Sandi Conley

Married Couples

Our purpose is to glorify God through marriage by encouraging, equipping, and sharing life together through mutual support. 

Meeting times: Sunday's at 9:30am

Location: Academy Wing - Room 204

Leaders: Greg & Kara Pfaff

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Family Huddle

This D-Group is for families. This D-Group focuses on developing Discipleships Rhythms as families in order to glorify God by making disciples in the ordinary things of life. 

Meeting times: Every Other Sunday at 5:00pm

Location: The Allmon's Home

Leaders: Jason & Andrea Allmon

Mission Possible

This groups intends to plant gospel seeds by having a faithful presence in the community. They desire to be a blessing to others by using their gifts and talents to demonstrate the love of God. 

Meeting times: Saturday's at 10:00am

Location: Varies

Leaders: Dreama Fields & Tammi Pennington

Bikes, Hikes & Chow

The purpose of this D-Group is discipleship through relationships. To do life together through cycling, hiking, and meals. 

Meeting times: Every Other Friday Morning

Location: Varies

Leaders: Gary Kiser

Missio Dei

This D-Group focuses on discovering and practicing what it means to be participating in the mission of God. 

Meeting times: Sunday's at 9:30am

Location: Academy Wing - Room 203

Leaders: Jason Allmon

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Bible Study D-Group

This D-Group focuses on exegetical bible study, to develop the ability to rightly handle the word of God in knowledge and practice. 

Meeting times: Sunday's at 9:30am 

Location: C3 Youth Wing - Room 208

Leaders: Ben Tickle

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Throne Of Grace

This group intends to plant gospel seeds by having a faithful presence in the community. They desire to be a blessing to others by using their gifts and talents to demonstrate the love of God. 

Meeting times: Wednesday's at 7:00pm

Location: C3kids Nursery Room

Leaders: Buddy Farris

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Be A Barnabas

This D-Group purpose is to be an encouragement to other. They do this by be a blessing people in word and deed in the church family and in the community.

Meeting times: 2nd Mondays of the Month

Location: Fellowship Hall

Leaders: Buddy Farris

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Adult Sunday School D-Group

This D-Group focuses on speaking the Gospel to one another through Hymns, Christian Standard Bible Study, communion and fellowship. 

Meeting times: Sunday's at 9:00am

Location: Fellowship Hall

Leaders: Mel Tolbert

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